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February 16th, 2006

10:07 pm

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October 22nd, 2005

11:26 pm - Today was fun :)
Yea..... So i havn't wrote in my live journal in a while again.... but i was looking back at old entries and its so much fun to remebers things that you completely forgot.... so guess what i decided!!! To start writing again:) lets see how long this lasr*cough probly not long* So yea today was lots of fun:) I woke up late.. cuz i was suppose to be at joannas how by ten but i didnt wake up til like 1014 when they called asking were i was :-/ oops hehe but yea we went to IHOP!! so much freakin food...and all of it so good :) Yea then we went to the mall... what else is new, we r always at the mall. i bought fake blood and stuff for halloween and paid for part of a candle.... which we never did the seance!!!! that we were suppose to have at mikes house. Well yea then on the way home fromt he bus my aunt drove andrew and mike to mikes house and me n jo to jos house to get her bathingsuits to go hot tubbin :) :) woot woot!! yea so we hung out at mikes house for the night and puja came and we had dominoes... that was yummy too.... the highlight of my day seemed to be the food... haha im not fat :-P yea i got a really bad migraine.... but thankfully its all better now..just hope it doesnt come back becuz thats not fun at all. well yea that was my fun excited day... :) probably bored you to death* you being whoevers reading it* but o well :) alrighty... hopefully will write soon nighty night
Current Mood: bouncy
Current Music: none

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September 6th, 2005

09:47 pm
Hey Everyone,

Look i actually wrote another entry woot woot! :) lol. Today was the last day of summer I cant believe how fast it went :( so sad thats it over already. SO lets see.... Today was pretty boring. I went to cross country and ran like 5 miles... that was hard. BUt i made it yay!! lol. I Was suppose to go on a picnic with jo and her family but that plans got canceled :(:(:( that was dissapointing. BUt i went and visited my sisters new apartment! It was nice.. but i dont want her to move out. I barely see her enough as is. Yea so neways... now im awaiting the first day of school. O how im dreading it.. im not the least bit excited like normally.. i really just wish the summer would never end. Hehe dont we all. NOw that i bored you to death im going to stop writing! Buh bye :)
Current Mood: awake
Current Music: HIdden IN PLain View

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September 5th, 2005

04:46 pm
I havnt wrote in forever.... But i have very Important news to announce to the world and i figure it is very easy to post it on the internet to get the message around the world!!!

***we are currently awaiting the arrival of our Fruit Baskets :) ***

Yea thats all i have to announce Thank You for your time....

Current Members:
Emily Brinkworth * Jesus Superstar :) *
Swudo Brinkworth * Satan Squirrel *
***** IF YOU DIE YOU GO NO WHERE!! Muahhahahahah *****
Joanna Post * Your Conscience*
***** Beware you cant escape the voices in your head*****
Andrew Cordero* Assasin *
***** I'd send you to hell... But SATAN doesnt want you, cuz you suck that bad*****
Jenji Galuppo * Paparazzi *
***** Crazy Ass White Girl From CI...where gunshots are music to the ears*****
*** If you would like to sponser our organization or join ill gladly add your name!
**** Thanks For your time :) :)
Current Mood: peaceful
Current Music: We are Not Children!!!!! By S-I-N

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January 9th, 2005

05:19 pm
Hey everyone!!! Michele's party last night was so much freakin fun!!!! Happy day after birthday michele!!! lol, yea it was so nice to and michele looked so pretty :-D yea we dance the night away and they played the used at the end it was so freaking kewl! Blue and yellow a song most of us love:) yea so that was really fun. Today i did my ss essay but i got a lot of helop with it thanks to rao:) thanks rao by the way!!! yea so that went by pretty quick and then i went to the pizzeria with jo. It was so freakin cold walking there brrrrr. i hate chicken marsala pizza and jo had white pizza as normal. on the way home we decided to bounce around to keep ourselves warm. ppl uin the passing by cars probably thought we were on drugs, but we werent we were just doing what we do when listening to music... that can be pretty scary:) lol she was singing lp and me the used so u can only imagine... now im home bored once again so im writing on live jounral about fun stuff.... yea that all for this excitin weekend. tootles!!!
Current Mood: bouncy
Current Music: withered-a static lullaby

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January 8th, 2005

02:50 am
hey everyone! im at joannas right now we are getting ready for our adventurin throught her backyard on videotape at like 300 in the mornin this should be alot of fun!! O by the way HAPPY 16TH birthday MICHELE!!! I love you!! im so excited about your party weeeeee it should be so much fun!!! yea we are currently watching videos of olden times but they are very amusin! omg joannas man just broke!!!! its so saddddd :( im gunna cry!!!!! yea so 2 and half more hours to stay up until i have been for 24 hours damn im gunna be tired later :) but guess what right now im over tired so this video should be very entertaining!!!! um...... gues what peas are yummy and i want a fuzzylicious bean bag chair!!!that would be so freaking kewl squishy and fuzzy in one thing! i mean common whats beeter then that and plus you can sit in it and take in all the squishyness and beaniness and FUZZZINESSS. yea........ um its zack the guys thT I WHACKED WITH PINGPONG PADDLES IN THE BUTTT!!! hehe fun times. i dont no what else to write write now.... so i guess iwill post again after we record and tell you al lthe funni shit that happens:) tootles for now
Ps. Dont forget to eat your peas in fuzzilicious bean bag chairs!!!!!!
Current Mood: very over tired!!!!!
Current Music: none currently only the noise of the chs band after party

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January 3rd, 2005

06:52 pm
Hey everyone!! i havent wrote in like two weeks so yea... um winter vacation was fun...
it went by wayy too quick. hehe well i went on vacation with jess which was so much freakin fun!!!! Yay we went snowboarding at big bear and elk mtn. hehe big bear was so much fun mike and karl where there it was pretty interestin! right jess...? um yea well we saw a video of mike going down the moutain in a man thong. that was just freakin scary!!!! ahhh yea bt i got to go boarding. I once again discovered i have a phobia of railgrinds i cant do them!!!! GRR lol. Jess can tho, which can make up for my suckiness at them:) The next day we went tothe movies and saw spanglish. it was ok not as good as i thought it would be. o well. then it was new years eve!me and jess got drunk off gatorade and cream soda... heheh good times. the next day we went to elk mountain and once again there was no girl boarders that go off the damn jumps or rails!!!! grrr lol yea... that was interestin we have lots of picture and videos you can actually go to snap fish and see them if you want along with they rest of the pictures i have.... yea jess messed up her nose by grinding a rail with it. That must have hurt but it was funni hehehi messed up my knee trying to be kewl and board with only one foot in my bindings and go off a jump... i didnt really make it and wound up twistin my knee... o well i guess thats what you get for acting stupid :) well today i didnt go to school... but i have to go back tomarow it suxs majorly!! yea that would be my interestin entry buh bye!!!

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December 20th, 2004

03:16 pm
Hey! GUess what its almost christmas!! Yay so soon like 5 days i think... So yea merry 5 days til christmas everyone!! Yea so today i was thinking alot, and how i never see ne of my friends ne more espesially andrew and i miss your guys so much!! i feel as if we r driftin and that can NOT HAPPEN!! I love all you guys was to much... so yea we should hang out more and be happy cuz it makes me sad that i dont seee you ne more :( IM so excited for thursday!!! yay presents weee.. i hope the person i got likes there gifts :) so... im really bored and i have nothing to do so......lalalalalala o we got our first snow storm today!! yay it was pretty while it lasted but its all icky now and its way to cold!!!! we shoudl have gotten out of schoool today, but no our district has to be a stupid ass and not give us off. well a good thing that happened today is that i got out of math class and me kat jo lynn and chris went to the library during math it was fun... i think chris was pissin jo off a bit, but it was kinda entertainin watching jo threaten to spit on him if he took her lp pin...um yea im done blabbin now...

TOOTLES! *hehe i like that word*
PS. I love all my friends and miss you guys!!!!:(
Current Mood: pessimistic
Current Music: mcr

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December 17th, 2004

03:02 pm
Hey everyone , i figured i should right considering i havnt written in a week or so... so yea i had an interesting week, i have fifths disease and i look like a scary ass red cheeked monster. lol atleast im not contagious.... so yea we were suppose to go to the city tonight to see the tree but we rnt going ne more :( i was looking forward to going too:( yea so.... im possibly going boarding this weekend :) yay but only if me mommy lets me.... that would be awesum i cant wait to go boarding again!!!!!!! yea and i have my grandmas 75 surprised bday party saturday so ill probably hand with the crew up there on saturday for a while. Um yea i dont no what else to write but guess what! Bert mcCracken is one sexy bitch:-D lol tootles for now
Current Mood: sick
Current Music: none :(

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December 11th, 2004

11:17 pm
Hey everyone!
Heheh i just got home from a interesting day. So first me shelly mich and jo went tot he mall very fun! yea i bought pplz presents for x mas and bought the old mcr cd :-D yay and the clay aiken cd( no im not a loser) hehe hes so pretty, neways yea we had fun :) then we went to apple bees for a second time this weekend lol we got the coolest waitor, besides the fact he didnt like the used!!!! OMG LOL so i first made him listen to mcr on my cd player, and he was listening to it while taking our orders. hehe yea...
so thats not even the bad part. so finaly with his tip i decided to give him the used cd, cuz he only saw them only projekt revoltion and he said they were bad. But thats becasue they werent headlining and stuff. i also gave him a note saying. thats with his tip was the used cd. That he should listen and he would become a believer. hehe so yea that was interestin. I think he thought we were a lil nuts, but he seemed to appreciate the cd! he better listen to it!!! lol. we then made friends with the door man while waiting for michs mommy. he was pretty kewl but his cuzin was hotter. we were amking ppl give donations for toys for tots it was fun i was also doing the bertysmadness dance:) im very good at it surprisingly. Then mike left and then we went to andrews.we just hung out, we were gunna make brownies but he didnt have oil:( ichele bythe way i love you!!!!!! lol me and mich took naughty pics of us kissing right mich?? lol well the pics will tell you more than is here. :-) hehehe so yea that was interestin. Um now im am home and bored. And feel bad for certain ppl who arnt happy right now!!!! i love you *that person* :) yea ... um no more to right buh bye!!!!!
Current Mood: amused
Current Music: mcr *old cd*

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