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Today was fun :) - xtheousedx

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October 22nd, 2005

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11:26 pm - Today was fun :)
Yea..... So i havn't wrote in my live journal in a while again.... but i was looking back at old entries and its so much fun to remebers things that you completely forgot.... so guess what i decided!!! To start writing again:) lets see how long this lasr*cough probly not long* So yea today was lots of fun:) I woke up late.. cuz i was suppose to be at joannas how by ten but i didnt wake up til like 1014 when they called asking were i was :-/ oops hehe but yea we went to IHOP!! so much freakin food...and all of it so good :) Yea then we went to the mall... what else is new, we r always at the mall. i bought fake blood and stuff for halloween and paid for part of a candle.... which we never did the seance!!!! that we were suppose to have at mikes house. Well yea then on the way home fromt he bus my aunt drove andrew and mike to mikes house and me n jo to jos house to get her bathingsuits to go hot tubbin :) :) woot woot!! yea so we hung out at mikes house for the night and puja came and we had dominoes... that was yummy too.... the highlight of my day seemed to be the food... haha im not fat :-P yea i got a really bad migraine.... but thankfully its all better now..just hope it doesnt come back becuz thats not fun at all. well yea that was my fun excited day... :) probably bored you to death* you being whoevers reading it* but o well :) alrighty... hopefully will write soon nighty night
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Date:October 24th, 2005 04:10 am (UTC)
thats a whole lotta smiley faces in an entry lol i hate u emily u gave me ur stomach virus!! j/k yea yesterday was fun together we had 13 sclices of pizza... do u know how disgusting that sounds lol

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